CANDA Taekwon-do, Oldham

Tuesday 6.15-7.15pm @ Saddleworth Rangers Club House, Greenfield

Wednesday 7-8pm @ Dance Studio, Oasis Academy, Oldham


All ages and levels welcome

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If you're looking for a new activity which you and your kids can get involved in together then Taekwon-do could be a great choice for you.  It has many benefits for people of all ages,  for example regular training will help you to:


- Get back into shape and lose weight

- Take up a new activity with your children and progress together

- Deal with bullies by developing self defence skills

- Achieve a lifetime goal which you almost gave up on - Become a black belt whatever your age


The opportunity to progress through belts gives you a new set of goals and challenges at regular intervals which will keep you motivated and engaged.  As you develop your skills we find it also helps develop self confidence.  This can be particularly important for kids who may be experiencing bullying.  Our philosophy is to provide the confidence to deal with difficult situations using words and reasoning but knowing that you could defend yourself if necessary. 


Taekwon-do also provides a great way to meet new friends and develop a common interest with your kids.  It features the fun and satisfaction of learning a new skill through to the sense of achievement when passing grading tests.  I trained through to black belt with my children and found it invaluable to share the journey with them.


As you can tell there are many reasons why people take up Taekwon-do and we aim to provide a teaching style which will help you meet your goals.  Our programme ensures you'll always have a goal to aim for and we're sure you'll find that as your skills develop so does your appetite to make further progress.

Above all, our objective is to make sure that we create a fun and safe environment within which you can achieve your goals.  All students are welcome, our members currently range from 10 years old to 70 years young and we have a special needs student who has excelled both in grading and winning club competition medals!

ITF style Taekwon-do was devised by the legendary founder General Choi Hong Hi, 9th Degree Grandmaster.  As a system of self defence, trained across many military forces including Korea, America and the UK, it has no equal in power and technique and is firmly rooted in the application of scientific principles into all key motions.  Our school is associated with the Fortitude Taekwon-do Academy run by Master David Hodson VII degree and in turn is a member of the UKGT headed by Senior Master Sahota VIII degree and Unified ITF which was founded and headed by Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung, 9th Degreee and K-9-1 who was the first person to be awarded Grand Master status for Korea by the founder General Choi Hong Hi.